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Pilla Magneto - RX Prescription

RX Prescription Model
Choise of 3 lens kits


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Pilla Shooting Glasses Offer



Lens options:

HIGH CONTRAST KIT: A specialty kit providing high contrast lens science

52HC - Medium Overcast Light, Enhanced Contrast in White Light
46N - Background Neutraliser. Designed to Kill Green Backgrounds, 
58HC - Low Light. Cuts through Fog. 

ENHANCED DEFINITION KIT - Perfect all around kit for brighter geography

22ED - Enhanced Definition for use in direct sunlight.
42ED  - Enhanced Definition for use in medium sunlight.
78 HC - The light Bulb lens. Brilliant in low light.


22ED - Enhanced Defintion for use in direct sunlight.
38MAX, - Boost Target Orange 600% in Medium Light
62MAX - Boost Target Orange 600% in Low Light

What do you get?

3 VIVX lenses 
High quality aluminium box.
Cleaning cloth 

With lenses that slide on and off using neodymium magnets, the Magneto boasts the fastest and easiest lens changing system available anywhere. Combined with it’s unique filtrations, this set gives the athlete an unfair advantage and is sure to be the last pair of glasses you’ll ever want to buy.

The revolutionary design of the MAGNETO uses Neodymium magnets to achor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. The attachment of the lens to the frame takes less than 1 second. We partnered with Ovvo to manufacture this one-of-a-kind system. Certified by ZEISS to be optically perfect, the lens and frame engineering have been perfectly executed to produce a piece of visual equipment worthy of carrying the ZEISS name. Every MAGNETO lens is laser engraved on the backside to validate the ZEISS certification. 


The magneto Rx is a complete integrated solution for the those shooters in need of prescription. This design will accommodate any level of corrective need



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