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All Outlaw X7 Lenses

Including New Lenses for 2020

10 CED, 20 CN, 24 CMX, 30 CED, 44 CMX, 50 CED, 50 CHCL, 64 CMX, 92 CHCL



Lenses for the Outlaw X7 including: 

10CED, 16RHC, 18CED, 18RHC, 20CN, 24 CMX, 28CR, 30CED, 32MXB, 35DC, 40CN, 44CMX, 48RHC, 50 CED, 50 CHCL, 52CHC, 58ED, 60DC, 62CHCP, 64CB, 64CMX, 67CWN, 70PWC, 80HC,92 CHCL, 98 AR, PC, PCM, PED, PM, PN, PL. PP, PDF, PG

Progressive, Enhanced Definition, High Contrast, Perssimon and Background Neutralising lenses

Discount on mulitiple lenses.


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Product Description


Non Progressive:




Full Sun - Enhanced Definition


The 18 CED has been the stand out lens of 2018/9 and the new 10CED has all the same qualities but with lowest light transmittance that Pilla has to offer. Zeiss Chromashift lifts the sight picture meaning that the target is actually enhanced and vibrant. Astonishing to get this level of colour enhancement in such a dark lens.


Only 10% transmittance

Rich and highly defined sight pictures

Enhance filter profile to lift more colour



Full Sun - High Contrast


The 16 CHRC has 16% Transmittance and Chromashift Red High Contrast. A solid filter for those looking for an increased colour boost in full sun. This lens uses the 18RHC as a base filter while accelerating colour for target shooting. This lens uses Zeiss Chromashift pigments to enhance definition with a new coating. Neutralises green backgrounds and boosts orange by 600%. 


16% transmittance

Neutralises Green

Chromashift red high contrast



Full Sun - Enhanced Definition


Sitting square between the 10 and 30 CED. The 18CED boosts orange, reduces glare and will cope with light cloud cover and shaded areas too. It also utilises the latest Zeiss Chromashift technology to enhance the target. This 18% lens filtration lens has rich natural colour enhancement while cutting glare with “Super Flash” - a new high performance coating on the exterior of the mask for glare reduction in full Sun while elegantly showcasing all colour targets.


18% transmittance.

Rich natural colour enhancement

Up to 600% boost in orange




Full Sun - Enhances Green


The 20CN is the latest  version of the classic background neutraliser and is more subtle than the 16CHRC.  The sight picture is more natural. Suppresses green backgrounds, while utilising the latest Zeiss Chromashift to pop the target. If you liked the 22n or 44n then this is the natural choice. A sun lens that is not as dark as the 18, 16 or 10 but will still reduce glare.


20% transmittance

Classic background neutraliser



Full Sun - True Red Lens


The new Raspberry Chromashift lens harnesses the filter of the Progressive Cherry in a Solid Filter. This is the first true “Red” based lens Pilla has brought to the market with the ZEISS platform.Vibrant colour enhancing technology, that will make targets vibrate with clarity. Particularly strong at focusing on a driven clay or pheasant. This is a full sun lens with vivid colour enhancing capability. Perfect for shooting into blue skies and open fields.


28% transmittance 

Full sun lens

First true ‘Red’ based lens



Full Sun to Medium Light - Enhanced Definition


The 26 ED was one of the most sought after lenses for those that are not too sensitive to light and want a versatile sun lens.The new 30 CED takes all these qualities and adds the Zeiss Chromashift to boost the target. If you are looking for a sun lens that is more than capable to deal with medium and high light too then the new 30 CED should be top of your list.


30% transmittance

Enhanced colour saturation

Rich colour reproduction



Bright Light - A Unique Lens


A real love or hate lens. Excellent for those with colour blind issues. If you struggle to pick out orange this lens turns it to a dark purple/black. Originally designed for archery, Pilla  introduced this lens to the shooting market in 2015. Those without colour blind issues have had success when shooting black clays in a bright blue sky. The 60 DC version is very good in cloudy, grey skies.


35% transmittance

Ideal for colour blindness



Medium Light - Neutralises Green


Chromashift Neutraliser. This new lens uses the 44N as a base while enhancing the filter efficiency of the colour enhancing profile. This new spectral curve is delivered using Chromashift pigment technology to boost pink and orange while killing the green background in medium light.


40% transmittance

Boosts pink and red

Mirrored Finish

Builds on the success of the 44n by offering a higher boost in target orange.

44 CMX 


MEDIUM LIGHT.  MAX orange lens. 


SUPER BOOSTING filter for maximum boost in orange and pink.  Latest EXCLUSIVE Chromashift costing reduces glare

44% transmittance

Medium Light  Lens

MAX ORANGE. Boost in Orange and pink targets



Medium Light - High Contrast


The new 48 RHC builds on the success of the 50 RHC filter with a new Violet Chromashift coating and colour enhancing pigment that delivers a more robust technology. This lens is a medium lighting lens where “Yellow” light dominates the sight picture. Kills green backgrounds, boosts target colour.


48% transmittance

Chromashift Red High Contrast

50 CED 

Medium Light - Enhanced Defintion

The new 50 CED expands on the success of the 10 and 18 CED.  While these two lenses are ideal in sunny condtions, the 50 CED is for medium light.  A great all rounder for enhancing defintion, sharpening the whole sight picture while giving an extra boost in oragne and pink. 

50% Litght Transmittance

Enhanced Definition, boosts orange


Medium light version of the very poular 92 CHCL.  A subtle lens, for the shooter that doesn't want to manipiuate colour. Instead, the 50 increases clarity and contrast.  A good comaprison would be watching a normal TV then switching to 4k HD. 

50% Light Transmittance

High Contrast with the latest Chromashift form Zeiss



Medium Light - Rose, High Contrast.


Chromashift, high contrast. elevating more colour with rich definition in the sight picture. Fantastic at boosting pinks, oranges, greens, especially in grey/flat skies.


52% transmittance

High contrast rose.



Medium Light - Peach, Chromashift


The 55PWC utilises both Max Orange Technology and Chromashift. A ccelerates both Pink and Orange targets and even lime green.


55% transmittance

Produces rich color saturation 



Medium to Low Light, Chromashift


The 60CHW is balanced lens, harnessing Zeiss Chromashift technology.  Strong bump of orange in diminishing light conditions. This is a great lens for all those that are looking for a very balanced experience with natural elevation of colour in grey conditions.


60% transmittance

Balanced lens



Grey Light


The 60DC is a light blue lens and a more subtle version of the 35DC. Excellent for those with colour blind issues. If you struggle to pick out orange this lens turns it to a meduim purple/black. Originally designed for archery Pilla  introduced this lens to the shooting market in 2015. Those without colour blind issues have had success using the 60DC when shooting black clays in a grey sky.


60% transmittance

Ideal for colour blindness issues



Medium to Low Light Max Orange


600% more boost in the Orange part of the visual spectrum with the 60HCP. This is key for clay target shooters looking for maximum registration of target Orange in medium to low light. This gives the eye the ability to acquire the target quickly and accurately while maintaining depth of field.


62% transmittance

600% orange boost



Medium to Low light - Banana Chromashift


The 64 CB - Chromashift BANANA is a vibrant medium grey light introduction for Pilla. A very clever lens that, although lower transmittance than the 80 or 94, uses Chromashift pigments with a Copper coating to enhance the sight picture of both clay targets and live game in the field. The shooters actual visual awareness is elevated with this new colour lifting lens. Being a lower transmittance it is more usable in medium light as well as low light.


64% transmittance

Colour lifting lens

64 CMX 


Low Light.  MAX orange lens. 


SUPER BOOSTING filter for maximum boost in orange and pink.  Latest EXCLUSIVE Chromashift costing reduces glare

64% transmittance

Low Light Lens

MAX ORANGE. Boost in Orange and pink targets



Low Light - Neutralises Green


67 CWN - Chromashift Max/Neutraliser. This new lens formulation blends the 66N and the 69MWN using the latest Zeiss Chromashift coating. This new filter will boost orange while using Pilla’s green background neutraliser to dumb down green. The 67CWN is a great lens for those that would like a more subtle colour boost. Often referred to as the ‘Scottish lens’ for its ability to work well  in grey flat skies.  


67% transmittance

Subtle colour boost

Neutralises green backgrounds.



Low Light - Peach, Boost in Colour Targets


Very good at picking out targets against grey sky. “Light Peach”- The 70PWC is a new low light formulation utilizing Chromashift for a handsome bump in target orange and pink at low light levels. This is a natural reproduction of the colour spectrum in low light with all wavelengths lifted and orange/pink spiked. The lens is fully coated with a 7-Layer ZEISS anti-reflective coating,


70% transmittance

A lighter version of the very popular 55PWC



Low Light - Yellow High Contrast


High Contrast. This new solid filter uses the 76HC as a base while boosting colour in low light. The lens is brighter in low light and benefits from the Chromashift pigment technology and has a new front side coating to reduce glare. This is a must have low light lens.


80% transmittance

Classic yellow shooting lens for low light.

Chromashift technology



Low Light - Green. Subtle High Contrast


Where the 80HC is like turning the lights on, the 92 is effective in a more subtle way. Cutting through grey light, drizzle and fog. At several shoots we have demonstrated this lens when a green target is presented against  a green background some shooters couldn’t even see the target until they put on the 94HC. A subtle lens that is truly impressive in dark conditions or for those that need more light. Replacing the very poular 94HC, the 92 adds the latest Zeiss Chromashift tech to enhance orange with an anti-glare finish


92% transmittance

Subtle low light lens

Perfect for both game and clay shooting



Clear Lens with Anti-Reflective Coating


Want a clear lens? Then this is the one you need. The 98AR is the highest transmittance lens Pilla has to offer. The anti-reflective technology on the backside of the lens makes this perfect for night shooting.


98% transmittance

Pilla’s clearest lens 

Perfect for night shooting.


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PC - Cherry

For our shooters that remember the 50R Ballistx technology, our PC lens is an accelerated filter using the 50R as a base. This new technology provides a balanced visual colour profile while pushing pink and orange significantly harnessing the benefit of the ZEISS Progressive Light injection platform. The lens is fully coated with a 7-Layer ZEISS anti-reflective coating and ZEISS Pilla Hydro-Pel to resist dust and lens smudging.

PCM - Progressive Chromashift Mango

The latest in the progressive range. Highlightng clays in medium light using chromashift.  A great all rounder.  

PDF - Dragon Fruit

A very bright lens for medium light. Pop target orange with increased depth of field.

PED - Brown

Progressive Enhanced Definition - This lens offers consistent enhancement of the colour spectrum while the bottom accelerates the perceptive value of light. The top of the lens has a transmittance of 22% with the bottom having a transmittance of 78%.

PG - Grape

A blend of all the RHC lenses. As with the PN and PP this lens will work very well against green backgrounds

PM - Orange

Progressive Max - Max Orange Filtration Technology accelerates the registration of target Orange through out the transmittance curve from top to bottom: 30% at the top while the bottom of the lens provides up to 70%.

PN - Purple

Progressive Neutralizer - The lens on top reflects a 20% transmittance while the bottom reflects a transmittance of 68%. Fantastic for green backgrounds.

PL - Lemon

Progressive Lemon - The top of the lens uses a high-intensity lemon filtration and the bottom allows for a splash of light into the eye for enhanced depth of field in low light. The top of the lens has a 70% transmittance while the bottom has a 95% transmittance. 

PLM - Lime

Following the enormously successful launch of PROGRESSIVE VIVX, Pilla is introducing a new twist on Progressive with our LIME (PLM) lens. This lens uses our 94HC filtration science as a base color curve and infuses our Progressive Technology in a fantastic lens for low light. This lens has rich color lift while maintaining maximum depth of field in low light. The lens excels in the woods as well or even under lights. This is a great compliment to the Progressive “PL” lens where flat grey light is artificial enhanced. The Lime lens is for low light where you do not need a perceptive enhancement of light. Meaning a light bulb effect. The LIME lens is very balanced in low lighting conditions. The top of the lens starts at 75% transmittance while the bottom has a 99% transmittance

PP - Plum

A blend of the 50 RHC and the 69MWN, Progressive Enhanced Definition - This lens offers consistent enhancement of the colour spectrum while the bottom accelerates the perceptive value of light. The top of the lens has a transmittance of 22% with the bottom having a transmittance of 78%.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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