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Pilla Outlaw X7 Target Acquisition 3 Mask Kit

More Wrap than the X

45 MAX - Max Orange 2.0. Medium Lighting, 600% boost in Target orange

44 N -  Background Neutraliser. Designed to Kill Green Backgrounds

76 HC - High Contrast. Low Light/Overcast, Flat Light Enhancement

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Excl. VAT: £466.67 Incl. VAT: £560.00
Excl. VAT: £466.67 Incl. VAT: £560.00
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Product Description


Outlaw X7 is 10mm narrower than the X due to the mask wrapping round the side the head. 45Max, 44N, 76HC - this kit is perfect for the shooter looking for a light management system for a geography that has varied lighting conditions but wants a more dominant increase in target orange with specific tools. The higher enhancement of orange creates a visual system for quick target acquisition. The 45max is the brightest enhancement of target orange on the market. The 44n is a background neutraliser for medium lighting but pushes orange generously. The 76hc is a special low light lens but pushes target orange for quick visual registration in low light or foggy conditions. Kit includes frame, 3 lenses and hard case.



  • 45% Transmittance
  • Medium Lighting
  • 600% Boost in Target Orange
  • Great Orange Enhancer lens


Starkey Headsets

Max Orange Simulator



  • 44% Transmittance
  • Great All Round Utility
  • Designed to Kill background Green
  • Vivid Pop in Target Orange


Starkey Headsets

Background Neutraliser Simulator



  • 76% Transmittance
  • Low Light/Overcast
  • Flat Light Enhancer
  • Balanced Enhancement in Low Light


Starkey Headsets

High Contrast Simulator

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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