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Pilla Panther X6 Post - Target Acquisition 3 Mask Kit

45MAX - Max Orange 2.0. Medium Lighting, 600% boost in Target orange

44N -Medium Light, Neutralise Green Backgrounds

76 HC - High Contrast. Low Light/Overcast, Flat Light Enhancement

Can be fitted with G3 RX prescription Insert

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Excl. VAT: £466.67 Incl. VAT: £560.00
Excl. VAT: £466.67 Incl. VAT: £560.00
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Product Description


Post version allows for adjustment of the nose piece, up and down, for maximum comfort. Post system allows for an RX prescription to be added if required. 45Max, 44N, 76HC - this kit is perfect for the shooter looking for a light management system for a geography that has varied lighting conditions but wants a more dominant increase in target orange with specific tools. The higher enhancement of orange creates a visual system for quick target acquisition. The 45max is the brightest enhancement of target orange on the market. The 44n is a background neutraliser for medium lighting but pushes orange generously. The 76hc is a special low light lens but pushes target orange for quick visual registration in low light or foggy conditions. Kit includes frame, 3 lenses and hard case.



  • 45% Transmittance
  • Medium Lighting
  • 600% Boost in Target Orange
  • Great Orange Enhancer lens


Starkey Headsets

Max Orange Simulator



  • 44% Transmittance
  • Great All Round Utility
  • Designed to Kill background Green
  • Vivid Pop in Target Orange


Starkey Headsets

Background Neutraliser Simulator



  • 76% Transmittance
  • Low Light/Overcast
  • Flat Light Enhancer
  • Balanced Enhancement in Low Light


Starkey Headsets

High Contrast Simulator

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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