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Pilla Panther X6 Post - Sportsman 3 Mask Kit - New

10ED - Enhanced Definition, Direct Sun Lens,

58ED - Enhanced Defintion, Medium Light

94HC - An almost clear high contrast lens for low light conditions

*Can be fitted with G3 RX prescription insert

Supplied with aluminium case

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Excl. VAT: £466.67 Incl. VAT: £560.00
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Product Description


If you like space between your face and the lens, want to be able to adjust the lens up and down, and backwards and forward, then the Panther Post is for you. The new generation Panther Post has raised the level of comfort from the first generation and now in its 4th generation incorporates our unique counter balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose.

The temples are fully adjustable from front to back but also can be shaped to sculpt a shooters head. The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the shooters head. The better the form fit to the head, the better the counter balance in weight distribution works.

This kit offers the widest light management spectrum. The 10ed is an extreme full sun technology with a rich and vibrant color en- hancing filtration. This is the very best full sun lens pilla has ever engineered. It is recommended for geographies that experience full sun a majority of the time. New for 2016 the 58ED is a fantastic medium to low light lens. Cuts through cloud and sharpens target. 94HC is the perfect lens for low light. Brings out green targets against green backgrounds. High Contrast in low light, dark conditions. A perfect kit for brighter geographies. Kit includes frame, 3 lenses and hard case


  • 10% Transmittance
  • Direct Sun
  • Perfectly Balanced Colour Enhancement
  • Super Crisp Definition

Enhanced Definition Simulator


  • 94% Tansmittance
  • Low Light/Overcast
  • Flat Light Enhancer (Increase visual perception)
  • Balance Enhancement in Low Light

High Contrast Simulator

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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